2018 RE:ROOM

Workshop :Re:Room
Année: 2018
Maître d'ouvrage:Re: EASA
Budget: non communiqué

photographie:Alexandra KONONCHENKO; Re:Room; Re:EASA; Croatia, 2018

photographie: Grégoire Guex-Crosier; Re:Room; Re:EASA; Croatia, 2018

Re-easa, easa-croatia, 2018

vidéo: Alexandra POLYAKOVA; Re:Room; Re:EASA; Croatia, 2018
photographie: Alexandra POLYAKOVA; Re:Room; Re:EASA; Croatia, 2018

I. Intro :
Re:Room is a laboratory about narratives and construction systems made out of wood and hyperstatic wooden structures.

A room, a theater, a cinema, an exposition, a bath, a place to talk, to discuss, to hear music, to draw, to plan, to work, to chill, to sleep, to cry; a Room of Response.
Inspired by the words of the philosoph Slavoj Žižek, who propose that "the difficult thing is to find poetry, spirituality, in this dimension. To recreate, if not beauty, then aesthetic dimension in things like these, in trash itself. That is the true love of the world” we searched an architectural application of the concept of the "Re" proposed by the Croatian curators of Re:EASA 2018.

For the screen, the choice was to believe in re:use to re:interpret industrial trestles and fabric to research spirituality and poetry in poor and cheap materials. Through a simple repeated constructional system, the room express the concept of « re » by a evidence in the construction : Repetition, reiteration and radical craftmenship. This simple repetition of prefabricated modulos to increase the speed of production. In the structure, the system is to re:use industrial trestles to build the basis of the modulos, which would be repeated to create an architectural "ordonnance". In a structure, the concept of "ordonnance" is valid only if all elements are the same size, typically given by regulars modulos. The screens have been built with the Tyvek recycled from Nida that we brought back to Switzerland in 2016. This specific material "Tyvek" is an industrial low-cost fabric normally uses in garden roof terraces to protect isolation from covering stones. The surface of the fabric is a rough and irregular wool whose beauty appears when light come in when its beauty gets revealed in the shadows when the night has come and the land is dark.“And the moon is the only light we'll see.”

As a statement of the “Re”, the construction has been dreamed up to re:use the past, the present and the future with a modulable scenography for everyone: the poet, the sailor, the cursed, the tourists, the actors, in desire of a place to practice simples activities of life in Rijeka.

Grégoire Guex-Crosier

“When the night has come (...) You can have half of a hamburger, some cheese sandwich then you can have a muffin, and some juice.” Ben E King, 1961 (...) Slavoj Žižek
But the Re:Room will be built for RE:EASA, in the first 3 days using the most efficient and simple ways, a prefabricated module and a ready-made object are its matrix. All following contaminations of structure and furniture are possible and suggested. After the basic construction its participants could possibly flow in others workshops or stay to contribute to the continuous metamorphosis of the Re:Room and the talks and activities we will propose and host in collaboration with all the possible RE:EASA actors. There are thousands of things we should do as architects these days. We start with a Room.

Mattia Pretolani

II. Équipe de projet/Design Team:

Grégoire Guex-Crosier, Arch. Msc EPFL
Mattia Pretolani, Bsc Arch. EPFL
Adam El-Hamadeh, SAR, EPFL

Alexandra Polyakova


In alphabetical order :

Alexander Wegener
Adonel Myzyri
Beatriz Ferreira
Bartek Grezesznik
Elis Hackaj
Fraser Birtwistle
Kataryna Ciznska
Olga Konstantinovic
Gergana Ivanova
Roman Cadre
Teodor David
Zarachie Cabaud

Joonas Parviainen

Drone support & Video:
Simon Sais & Alexandra Polyakova

Alexandra Polyakova;
Romain Cadre;
Adam El-Hamadeh;
Fraser Birtwistle;
Grégoire Guex-Crosier;
Igor Vukičević;
Alexandra Kononchenko




Logistical Support & Tapaland

The performance of the video filmed by Alexandra Polyakova had been realised in collaboration with:

Test-protest Workshop (actors):
Anna Bunina
Elina Liiva
Emil Dworschak
Gia Khuong Nguyen
Karolin Kaup
Smišek Luka
Mike Zerafa
Maria Azzopardi
Svenja Nomkea Lindner
Salome Schramm
Sophia Chtysanthou
Tuulia Kivistö
Vassiliki Apostolaki
Eveline -

Tutors :
Luigi Louis
Valeria Khripatch
Venla Miila Kaarina Keskinen

Final screen
photographie: Alexandra Polyakova; Re:Room workshop; Re:EASA; 2018

photographie: Grégoire Guex-Crosier; Re:Room workshop; Re:EASA; 2018
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